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2017 Toyota Tacoma is a Great First Truck for New Homeowners & Go-Getters

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Sometimes in life, you reach a point where you realize a truck is a necessity.

For many, this revelation hits them the first time they buy a home. Suddenly there's furniture to move, home repairs to make, and yardwork, yardwork, yardwork! For others, the need for a truck comes when they open their own business and need to haul supplies, or when they take up an intense new hobby and need to tow a boat or other gear.

For all the homeowners and go-getters out there, the Toyota Tacoma is your ideal first truck.

As a midsize pickup, the…

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How Much Can the Toyota Tundra Pay Off Compared to Competitors?

The Toyota Tundra is one of the mainstays of Kelley Blue Book's Best Resale Value Awards: Top 10 year after year, and other organizations tend to agree. This year, ALG forecast the retained value of several full-size trucks over the next three years:

  • 2017 Toyota Tundra: 61 percent
  • 2017 Ford F-150: 55 percent
  • 2017 Chevy Silverado: 53 Percent
  • 2017 Ram 1500: 49 percent

In other words, if you bought one of these pickups for an average price—say $42,000—and resold them after 36 months, you would make back $25,620 for the Tundra. Any of the others…

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Make the Most of Your Minivan with the AWD 2017 Toyota Sienna

When looking for a minivan, you probably have a few key things that you're looking for. Let's see how the 2017 Toyota Sienna stacks up.

Spacious? Check. You can get up to 150 cubic feet of cargo space depending on how you configure the seats.

Safe? Check. The Pre-Collision System is just one of many safety features to help keep you and your family in one piece.

All-wheel-drive... Check?

Check. The Toyota Sienna is the only minivan in its class to offer AWD, making it an excellent choice for any time of the year.

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Safe Driving for Vacation Traveling

Going on vacation is very exciting, especially when you’re traveling using your own vehicle! It feels thrilling the morning you’re ready to hit the road!

If you’re prepared ahead of time you will enjoy your vacation that much more.

It starts with your packing. You never want to overload your vehicle so that it blocks your rear window view. Be sure to keep all of your items from obstructing your driving ability at all angles. If you’re putting anything on your vehicle, make sure that everything is tight and secure. Check and recheck!...

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Keep Your Windshield in Good Shape

Your windshield has to deal with a lot every single day. There is a reason that it is where it is, it keeps your protected, but in order to do its job, it must go through a lot of risks every day. You need to keep your windshield in good shape and take care of problems that come up in regard to it right away...

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Having the Required Knowledge on your Car Brakes System

If you are a car owner and you want to be sure that your car is safe, you need to know all details of your car including the brake system. You need to know signs that show you need to change or repair your brakes. You need to know how your car acts when the brakes are deteriorating to provide early repair before it leads to a lengthy repair...

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Are You Leaning More Towards Leasing or Purchasing?

Whenever a consumer looks to get a new car, one of the most important decisions customers will need to make is how they will acquire it. Fortunately for consumers, there are two great ways to get a new car. They can buy the vehicle or lease it. Both of these options provide consumers with a considerable amount of benefits. When buying a car, you will get full ownership once you pay off the loan after a certain amount of time. During this time, you will build equity and trade in value. For those who wish to lease a car, they…

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